Looking to sign up for Ireland’s top student travel pass? You’ve come to the right place…the Student Leap Card is Ireland’s national student travel and discount card for full-time students in education and training. We would advise all students to sign up for a Leap card as it offers a number of travel benefits including savings of up to 32% on bus, rail and Luas, as well as discounts with some of its exclusive partners including McDonalds, Boots, Deliveroo and many more. That’s right – lots of discounts….you’re welcome!!

We’ve outlined the most frequently asked questions below which will hopefully help you with you secure your Student Leap Card in Ireland.

What is the Student Leap Card?

The student leap card is Ireland’s student travel pass. It is used by students across Ireland and it offers a number of travel benefits as well as discounts in retail, restaurants and more.

What are the benefits?

  • Save up to 32% on bus, rail and Luas

  • Go Cashless – add PAYG credit and/or tickets to your Student Leap Card

  • Fare Capping – If you make lots of trips (on Dublin Bus, Go- Ahead Ireland, Luas, DART & Commuter Rail) in 1 day/1 week, TFI Leap Card automatically cap the price so you don’t spend any more than you need to

  • Exclusive offers with leading retailers – Boots, McDonald’s, Deliveroo, Milano, DID Electrical & more (see links to exclusive partners at the bottom of this page)

What are student leap card caps?

We’ve outlined the benefits in detail in our student leap card cap article which you can access here. Here’s a flavour:

      1. Low daily and weekly Dublin Bus and Luas Caps for Students (€5 and €20).

      2. Enjoy Cost Certainty and peace of mind.

      3. You can track travel costs online. 

      4. The best part – you can track your savings online too!

Am I eligible?

1. Students must have a minimum of 16 hours of lectures/class time per week, and be enrolled in the course for a minimum of 6 months.

2. Full time foreign students who meet the above criteria are also entitled to apply for the SLC whilst in Ireland.

3. Students enrolled as trainee Accountants, trainee Solicitors registered with the Law Society, full time SOLAS trainees/students and full time PLC students are also considered eligible. Students of on-line courses are not eligible to apply for the SLC, unless they meet the criteria set out here.

So how do I apply?

The not so fun part of the application process…how exactly do I apply? Well, the first thing to note is that Student Leap Cards need to be collected at agents Nationwide. There are three ways to apply which are outlined below – regardless of how you apply, you will need to complete an application form:

1. Apply by Mobile and Collect at Agent

You can apply for the card using your Mobile. Note you will still have to attend an official Student Leap Card Express Agent, but by applying online the process is quicker and easier, and you can take your own photo in advance too. When you attend the Express Agent in person, you will need to bring your official college ID and €10 (only cash accepted).

2. At the Agent (Paper Application Form)

You can attend the Student Leap Card agent in person and bring the following your completed form, your official college ID and €10 in cash.

3. Postal Application (PHOTOS REQUIRED)

Complete the application form and post it to Student Leap Card, PO Box 10549, Dublin 15. It’s important to note that if your form is filled out incorrectly, it will be returned to you and a €5 administration charge will be levied to cover the costs of processing

Can somebody help me with my application?

Since you asked…www.studenthouse.com offer a concierge service – see link. This service will look after your application process from start to finish and ensure that your Travel pass or Student Leap Card awaits you upon your arrival to Dublin. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help! You can also find additional information and guidance at httpss://www.studentleapcard.ie/

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