Finding the right student accommodation in Dublin isn’t easy – especially for international students. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed as you prepare to start a new course in a new city and you still haven’t found a place to stay!? Don’t worry – is here to help students through this process and we’ve outlined steps below that you can hopefully follow in order to find your perfect student house.

What Student Accommodation is available in Dublin?

Most students in Dublin choose to live in the following:

  1. University owned on campus accommodation – contact your university, college or institution for details on what student housing is available. The application process is quite straightforward however you may be required to apply months in advance of your start date – the earlier you apply the better!

  2. Privately rented houses or apartments off campus – and are Ireland’s top private accommodation advertisement sites. Renting a room within a house or apartment close to campus may be your best option so we’d always suggest to check out’s sharing option.

  3. Purpose built student accommodation residences – extremely popular with domestic and International students. Purpose built student accommodation offer students high quality accommodation in city centre locations. Typically safe and secure and the residences typically have a wealth of facilities including gyms, cinemas, study rooms and common areas. Video viewings can be arranged in advance of travelling to Dublin. See our complete list of purpose built student accommodation options in Dublin

How to Student Accommodation in Dublin

Whichever option you decide to pursue – we recommend following the five steps in order to make the best choice for you:

  1. List your priorities
  2. It’s helpful to prepare a list of exactly what you want from your future student residence. Items like location, privacy, free internet, student communities, facilities are all important factors and listing your priorities at the beginning can really help!

  3. Identify your target location
  4. We think location should be a priority. Most students want to live in the hustle and bustle of Dublin city centre however they also want low travel times to their University. Accurately estimating travel times is crucial and we would always suggest considering how long it would take to walk, cycle and travel via public transport from your student accommodation in Dublin to you University. Google Maps will give you a good indication of this however we would always recommend consulting with one of our agents at httpss:// as we factor in rush hour traffic when estimating commute times via bus, train, Luas etc. It’s also important to transact securely and we recommend’s security tools

  5. Live with Students
  6. Get the most from your student experience in Dublin by living with other students. Most student residences have established student communities and facilitates. Events and other social gatherings are organised regularly.

  7. Act Fast!
  8. The best student accommodation is booked quickly so we would advise you to act fast. can secure your room month’s in advance with a deposit of only €300 or less.

  9. Double check your area!
  10. We would always recommend walking the streets of Dublin near your student accommodation via Google maps. This will give you a great feel for the local area. Just one thing to note – a lot of our student properties in Dublin have only recently been built so Google Maps may be out of date. So don’t get worried if you see a pile of rubble when you check out the residence on Google Street view!!

  11. Enjoy the housing search!
  12. Searching for student accommodation in Dublin can be fun – see it as an opportunity to learn more about the city, the culture and what Dublin has to offer. Start planning trips and excursions around the city and feel free to ask any of agents at for tips, guidance and support.

    Happy House Hunting and don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help!